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Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program is embedded in the belief that all students will be part of a school that offers a student-centred education, focused on the present and developmental needs of the children.

Our teachers draw on a rich repertoire of practices to promote children’s learning by:

  • Being responsive to children
  • Planning and implementing learning through play
  • Intentional teaching
  • Ensuring children have every opportunity to learn through engaging activities, hands-on experiences and in environments where they are required to make decisions and stretch the boundaries of their learning
  • Routinely engage children in the kind of conversations that will extend their thinking
  • Focusing as much on the process of children’s learning, the thinking dispositions we want them to develop, as on the content of lessons and activities
  • Using a range of group and individual activities.
  • Creating physical and social learning environments that have a positive impact on children’s learning
  • Valuing the cultural and social contexts of children and their families
  • Assessing and monitoring children’s learning to support children in achieving learning outcomes

The Early Years Learning Framework and the General Capabilities of Literacy, Numeracy and Personal & Social Competence of the Australian Curriculum guide the curriculum in Kindergarten and PrePrimary (or Foundation year), Year 1 and Year 2 with emphasis placed on the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills of our students.